(208) 278-5210 Mon - Fri 7:00 am - 3:30 pm 428 Industrial Way, New Plymouth, ID 83655
(208) 278-5210 Mon - Fri 7:00 am - 3:30 pm 428 Industrial Way, New Plymouth, ID 83655
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The chemical industry is one that requires metal equipment which can deal with high corrosive environments from a variety of different chemicals and extremely high and low temperatures and pressure. Our CNC services and Metal fabrication services produce a variety of shells, tubing, tanks, pipes and many other structures and equipment. With our fabrication shop in Turlock, CA and installation capabilities nationwide, we’re able to help companies all over the United States by implementing a variety of different sheet and plate metal fabrication services. 

Food & Beverage

No matter the applications, choosing experienced food and beverage equipment fabricators who can meet the needs of your industry is key. Avalos Mechanical & Fabrication understands the food and beverage industry’s unique fabrication and stamping challenges—from choosing the right type of metal to assembly and finishing. We are a fully-integrated metal fabrication solution for high precision water jet cutting, metal stampings, and stainless steel parts. We excel at brewery equipment manufacturing and other food grade metal fabrication.


Avalos Mechanical & Fabrication, Inc.  has the ability to do medium to high-volume production runs of fabricated components, complex weldments and complete product assemblies. We will be your reliable source for cut blanks, fabricated brackets, mounts, enclosures, frames, complex welded assemblies and more.


At AMF we not only build steel structures onsite, but also manufacture products used in the building materials and construction trades. Metal roofing parts and tools, gutters, wall paneling, partitions, furniture, fencing, handrails, structural steel welded assemblies, wall brackets, clamps, hangers angle, beam channel and more.


AMF works with various Industrial automation companies as a partner in the manufacturing and installation of industrial and factory automation processes. With a focus on providing a customized solution, the AMF team is able to integrate with our customers mechanical designs and control systems.