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Process Piping Systems

Process Piping Systems

Avalos Mechanical & Fabrication focuses on the design, fabrication and installation of sanitary and high-purity process piping systems while primarily using orbital and manual TIG welding. While the typical components of piping systems include pipes, elbows, tees and flanges, we’re also able to custom manufacture various components to fit into our customers design requirements.

Types of Pipe Fabrication

Miter Fabrication

This process allows us to cut elbows at various angles (typically 45 degrees). It is suitable for producing components for piping and tubing systems where pressure drop is not a critical factor.

Cutting Elbows

We also offer elbows with non-standard angles (i.e., not 45 or 90 degrees). We cut these non-standard elbows from standard stock.

Pipe Branches Fabrication

For systems that call for pipe branches, we offer direct welding capabilities for attaching branch pipes to header pipes, including creating hole cutting profiles for header pipes and cut back profiles for branch pipes.

Pipe Joining

We offer any and all pipe joining methods, including for mechanical joints, chemical processes, and product lines.

Pipe Welding

Once all the pipe components are prepared, we weld them together utilizing a variety of welding methods.

Types of Installation We Perform

Installation operations involve a variety of processes designed to ensure that pipe fittings run smoothly, including selecting and preparing components, joining them together, and assessing and repairing leaks.

At AMF, we specialize in fabricating and installing piping systems for clients in the pharmaceutical, nutritional, chemical, and personal care industries. However, our experienced team has the knowledge and skills to install all types of piping material across a broad range of industrial applications, including for threaded, welded, and flanged pipe fittings.

To ensure the construction of a fully functional, complete piping system, we offer equipment setting and layout assistance during the initial design stage, partner with design and controls engineers, and maintain communication with them during the build stage. This attention to detail allows us to tailor a system to a client’s unique needs.